How to Choose the Best App for Investing

There are dozens of investment best app for investing available, making it difficult to determine which is the best for you. In addition to the obvious factors, such as ease of use and fees, the right app can make a big difference in whether you’re able to achieve your financial goals. The first step in choosing an investment app is to define what you want to accomplish – are you saving for retirement or looking to grow your wealth? Once you know your goals, you can then determine what types of investments and features you need.

The most popular investing app is Robinhood, which offers a wide range of options for investors. Its commission-free trading allows users to trade stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies, and its low account minimum makes it accessible for newbies. It also boasts a number of other unique features, such as its ability to invest in alternative assets like fine art and collectibles for a small fee.

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Another option is Ally Invest, which provides a variety of investment products to suit almost any investor’s needs. It offers self-directed trading accounts, robo portfolios, personalized guidance from experienced wealth advisers, Forex trading, IRAs and cryptocurrency accounts. Ally’s app scored a competitive 4.5 across storefronts, and its customer service is available by phone 24/7.

Among the more niche apps, Investr is a great choice for beginner investors looking to learn the market while also having fun. It combines stock market games and social networking with robust education features that enable users to manage a $1 million virtual portfolio without spending a penny. It also offers real-time trading and news feeds.