How to Pass the DGT English Test in Spain

If you are looking to get a driving license in Spain you will need to take the written (theoretical) test first. The next step is the practical test. This is done in a vehicle driven by a dgt english test examiner. Most expats will go through a local driving school (Autoescuela) to help them pass their theory exam and to give them the study materials needed to successfully sit the test. You can either get a package deal with a driving school or you can do it yourself by making an appointment to sit the theory test at your local DGT office.

Preparing for Success: Mastering the DGT English Test

The Directorate General of Traffic(DGT – Direccion General de Trafico) offers the opportunity for expats to take their driving theory exam in English. The exam consists of 30 questions and you need to answer around 90% of them correctly to pass. The questions are taken from a pool of about 3,000. Depending on which DGT office you attend the exam can be written with pen and paper or it can be computer-based.

The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Translation has made its multilingual translation memory for the Acquis Communautaire, DGT-TM publicly accessible in order to foster the European Union’s efforts to support multilingualism and language diversity by providing free access to highly multilingual parallel corpora. For more information on DGT-TM and other linguistic resources available from the JRC, see the Language Technology resources page. The resources are also available for download in several languages.