The Benefits of a Street Workout

Street workout (SW) is an urban sport based on calisthenic exercises. SW practitioners develop body strength while enjoying the fresh air and social interactions with other practitioners. Although SW is a popular activity, there are few studies exploring injury profiles and risk factors of the discipline.

The discipline is gaining popularity in cities worldwide. Providence, Rhode Island, ranked sixth in our Top Cities for Street Workout, partly due to its college-town population and abundance of outdoor fitness parks with bars, benches and other equipment suitable for the practice. Providence also offers a wide range of free events and classes offered by local gyms, such as yoga, pilates, tai chi, and barre classes.

Street Workout : Comment Transformer Votre Environnement en Salle de Sport en Plein Air

Whether or not you decide to pursue a career in SW, it is important to build a strong foundation through calisthenics before beginning to learn more advanced figures. Calisthenics provides a strong base of functional bodyweight strength that will allow you to train in any other discipline, such as crossfit or bodybuilding.

If you are interested in building strength through bodyweight training, we recommend starting with a beginner workout and focusing on reps and sets rather than weight lifting. This will help you build a solid base of strength before progressing to more difficult figures and acrobatics. This is the best way to avoid injuries that can easily occur in the new disciplines. Once you have mastered the basic moves, you can begin to train more advanced tricks, such as the muscle up or front lift.