Forklift Academy Houston Offers Operator Certification

Forklift Academy Houston offers a blend of online learning, classroom instruction and hands-on equipment training. These classes are OSHA accepted and cover topics like maneuverability, steering and equipment management. This type of education and hands-on learning can prevent accidents, property damage and protects employees. It’s a good idea for every employer to provide safety training for all workers on their job site. This is an important safety measure because forklift accidents are dangerous and can cause serious injuries. This link

In addition to the educational and hands-on training courses that Forklift Academy offers, they also offer operator certification. This is an important part of the process because it shows that all employees who operate forklifts have been trained and evaluated. It’s required by OSHA that all lift truck operators be trained and certified to use their equipment. If a company doesn’t comply, they can be fined.

Elevating Skills: The Forklift Academy Houston’s Commitment to Excellence

To get certified, employees start with a pre-test that lets them know how much they have learned. Next, they will need to complete a practical assessment in a warehouse. Once they pass this assessment, they can print their operator card that is considered OSHA compliant and that they are certified to operate a forklift in any environment.

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