Full-Spectrum Inpatient Rehab

Full-Spectrum Inpatient Rehab

Full-Spectrum Inpatient Rehab  been injured or sick enough to require a hospital stay, rehabilitation can help get you back on your feet after an illness or injury. Inpatient rehab centers typically offer more intensive therapy, including hours of treatment each day five or six days a week. That’s a big difference from outpatient treatment, where patients visit the facility for a few hours each day but are usually at home or work during the rest of their time.

Inpatient rehab can cost more than outpatient treatment, but that’s also because of the additional services involved. You’ll find that most rehabilitation facilities include a variety of treatment options, such as individual and group therapy sessions, family counseling and psychiatric support. You’ll likely also receive nutritional counseling, fitness classes and acupuncture at an inpatient rehab center.

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You can expect open communication with your rehabilitation team while at an inpatient rehab center. This is important because it can ensure that you’re always well-informed about your progress and discharge status. Your rehabilitation physician and/or advanced practice provider will meet with you at least three times a week.

The cost of inpatient rehabilitation can be covered by health insurance or public health benefits, such as Medicare and Medicaid. Many private insurance plans cover the cost of rehabilitation as long as the duration of your stay meets certain requirements. Some state-funded health benefits, such as Medicaid and the Health Insurance Marketplace, cover treatment for free.