Investing Apps

investing apps

The best investing apps give users a simple way to invest money and save for their future. These apps can also provide educational resources, from blogs and videos to AI-led tutorials. Depending on your needs, you may prefer an app that automates investment tasks, or one that offers a more hands-on experience with more tools and features for active traders.

Betterment is among the largest and most popular robo-advisors, with an excellent mobile app that makes it easy to manage your investment portfolio. You’ll answer a few questions to establish your risk tolerance, and then the app will build you a portfolio using ETFs that match your needs. It’s also possible to customize a socially responsible portfolio with investments in social impact or climate change-related companies.

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Stash is a great app for beginner investors, especially those who are new to the stock market and don’t want to open a full-fledged brokerage account. The app asks a few basic questions and then provides a variety of educational content in its education tab, including helpful video tutorials.

TD Ameritrade is another app that offers a streamlined investment experience. It has a robust selection of investments and offers a number of educational resources, plus free trades on stocks, ETFs and options.

Cash App Invest is a standout in its simplicity and user-friendliness. It has a clean interface, and it integrates with your bank account to keep track of your funds. It also has a lot of educational material, from blogs and videos to podcasts and webinars.