What Is Wetpour Surface?

Wetpour SurfaceWetpour Surface is a flexible, impact-absorbing surfacing material designed to create playground safety surfaces. It is the most popular form of safe practices surfacing, offering a tough and resilient structure that’s cushioned, non-slip and easy to keep. Wet pour is perfect for daily mile tracks, running tracks and multi-use games areas (MUGAs) as well as school playgrounds and outdoor classrooms.

We offer a range of colours to allow designers and schools to create colourful designs and educational graphics, encouraging children to engage with their surroundings and play outdoors safely. Our wetpour is available in over 20 different options, including green, egg shell and pink, allowing the creation of fun shapes, patterns and designs to encourage imaginative and creative play. All our surfacing meets BS EN 1177 and is tested to various Critical Fall Heights.

Wetpour vs. Traditional Playground Surfaces: Pros and Cons

Rubber wetpour is the most frequent form of security surfacing used in playgrounds because it offers a tough and efficient structure that reduces the chance of problems for kids when they are enjoying their freedom of movement. It is installed in two layers; the first involves a great shock pad made of large chunks of rubber known as styrene butadiene rubber which provides the impact attenuating properties, it’s then topped with a coloured top layer of smaller granule rubber which gives the wetpour its strength and is bonded together using a polyurethane binder.

Unlike loose-fill surfacing, rubber wetpour is porous and is able to absorb rainwater throughout the year, minimising flooding and reducing maintenance requirements. However, a proactive inspection regime and prompt repair of any damaged areas is still essential.